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I get frequent requests for help by viewers as to which of the Panasonic bridge cameras to purchase. I generally don't make recommendations as so much depends upon the type of images that will be captured, the use of those images, environmental conditions that the camera might be used under and whether video recording is likely to feature as part of the decision. Although this isn't a lab-based test I hope that there is sufficient detail to allow potential purchasers to come to a decision. From shooting in very low light levels at various ISO settings to capturing landscapes at various focal lengths the images show what each of the cameras can achieve. The images are all captured with the cameras set back to factory default with no parameter adjustment to the JPEG processing. No post-processing of the images apart from adding screen captions. I have also added the comparison to the Canon EOS M50 as its size and weight may be a consideration for some people concerned about the FZ1000 and FZ2000/2500 cameras


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